Our philosophy

We know that it is our duty to look after the land that we received from our parents. We are here today because they were passionate about the countryside and nature and we feel that they managed to transmit this to us, introducing us to what would end up being our way of life. We live from the land, for the land.
Finca Fuentillezjos - 1966

We are our principles

We don’t manufacture cheese: we elaborate it. This involves a careful process and special attention. On the farm, the passing of time and the changing of the seasons make every cheese unique, like a photograph of that day, of the climate, of the sheep’s mood and of ours.

Farmhouse cheese that we elaborate exclusively with the milk of our own Manchega sheep.

Our sheep’s diet is based exclusively on organic plant products, obtained without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic chemical fertilisers. And of course nothing comes from any genetically modified (GM) organism either!

Finca Fuentilezjos

We look after the sheep’s wellbeing. We do not use any mass or preventative veterinary treatment or antibiotics.

The lambs feed on their mothers’ milk until they are independent and ready to live their own lives.

Queso Manchego DOP Finca Fuentillezjos

We do not use any additives in the cheese or in the crust, so the crust is edible.

Our cheese is not a product, it is food. It therefore goes without saying that it is not industrial, and as such we do not need to disguise it with such overused words as ‘quality’ or ‘handmade’. So don’t look for them, you won’t find them.

On the farm we all look after each other. Our workspace is free and tranquil.

Queso ecológico de la Finca Fuentillezjos

In short, we are proud to be farmers and live in the country.