True to our traditions

At Finca Fuentillezjos there are 3514 workers

3500 sheep that are in charge of providing the milk that we use to elaborate our cheese and 14 people who are responsible for looking after them.
Contraetiquetas queso manchego- Finca Fuentillezjos

What we do and how we do it

We have always believed that we have an obligation to our territory. Finca Fuentillezjos is a piece of Manchego culture and we should therefore preserve and conserve the native sheep that have always lived here. And it goes without saying that we do it using only organic farming methods. In short, we work like farmers have throughout history but with a modern touch.

Both us and the sheep have been raised in a very traditional way, respecting the land that we occupy, as well as its culture and traditions.

We considered education and training to be vital and we wanted to be absolutely sure that living and working on the farm was a chosen option and not an imposed one. So, after seeing more of the world and finishing our degrees as agronomists in Córdoba, we decided to come home, to the farm.

So, taking the step from playing on the farm to working on it and becoming responsible for its development, was a very natural step to take.

With the passing years we have gained knowledge and learned traditions that permit us to elaborate our organic cheeses, while respecting the land, the biodiversity and the culture of our surroundings..

We were the first organic farmers in the province of Ciudad Real and we were the first organic PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) Manchego cheese in the world.

Now that we have grown so much, we want to continue growing, sharing our knowledge and our day to day with all of you and we continue working to make our organic Manchego cheese better and better.