Somewhere in La Mancha

La Finca Fuentillezjos is the place where we grew up, as did the Manchega sheep that have always lived here and we have always made a great team.

We are in Poblete, Ciudad Real, in Campo de Calatrava, the part of the Iberian Peninsula with the most volcanic monuments. In fact, the Finca lies between the MAAR (volcanic lake) of La Posadilla (which is also a protected natural monument) and the meanders of the river Guadiana.

The landscape of the farm is very serene, its beauty residing precisely in that serenity that is only broken by the spectacular skies. We have awesome sunsets and it is an absolute pleasure to make cheese at dawn after watching the sunrise.

With 300 hectares of land, we cultivate the sheep’s food and have enough space left for the sheep to live peacefully, strolling between maars and meanders.

Brown in autumn, because we are preparing the land to sow next year’s harvest, green in winter, yellow in summer, like a Van Gogh painting and like a huge bunch of flowers in spring. These are the colours that accompany us in our day to day, while we look up to the sky waiting for it to rain when it has to and nervously deciding on the exact moment to gather the harvest.

We only fertilise the land using the composted manure generated by the sheep throughout the year, we sow cereals and we harvest them in summer. After the harvest the sheep go out onto the harvested land to eat the ‘rastrojos’ or the stubble (the remains of the cereal stalks left behind).